Product Description

  • Helps to configure & Master planning for the school
  • Seamless, Intuitive, Work Flow management on Multi-level user Privileges.
  • HRM, Faculty, Staff/Employee Management Attendance, Leave Monitoring.
  • Encrypted using 256 bit SSL to protect privacy and confidentiality.
  • Highly customizable, scalable and flexible as needed.
  • Student enrollment, Student ID generation, card printing, Biometrics and smart card.
  • Maximizes the care, attention and service given to every student & for the parents
  • Maintains the student course, subject Lesson, attendance, extra-curricular activities, etc..
  • Creating Examination Time table, Results Generation, Results Analysis, etc.
  • Generating Course completion and School Graduation Certification.
  • Parent/Guardian Communications when needed, via Texting/ SMS, E-mail etc..
  • Parent-Teacher conference via Tele-Conferencing (Optional: Enhanced KYC)
  • Automated Emergency/ Disaster Communication (Optional: Enhanced KYC)
  • Ideal and Suited for any size/type of school or Group 3 of Institutions.
  • Extensive Reports are available per customer choice and needs.
  • Integrated with MOBILE APP for Java based mobiles Android and iPhone.
  • Manage several schools under the same management.
  • Customizable to individual schools/education districts — With logo, Color, etc.
  • Payment Options (i)`License- User Agreement (ii) Customer – User Agreement.
  • Most cost effective, competitive and affordable, with the best ROI.

Three Major BENEFITS for Teacher and Faculty:

  • Saves from monotonous paper work, to focus on teaching,
    student care and improves, the efficiency of Teacher.
  • Facilities secure access of records 24/7, and ease of work.
  • Optional private, secure online, Parent – Teacher Video conference.

Three Major BENEFITS for Students:

  • Register, Select classes, plan educational related activities online
    and Set Test for Activities.
  • Easily monitor own progress, use online tutorials and digital library
  • Individual/group project can be well organized and accomplished.

Three Major BENEFITS for Parents and Guardians:

  • Up-to-date record of your Child’s Educational Progress on daily basis.
  • Improved School-Parent Relationship and ensure child education growth.
  • Know Your Child on-the-fly through Mobile Application at anywhere and anytime.

Three Major BENEFITS for Administrative Staff:

  • User-friendly, Real-time reporting with complete tracking with few clicks
  • Saves substantial operating cost and lowers carbon-foot print
  • Dynamic Web-based system updates current information on the fly.

Three Major BENEFITS for Management:

  • Instant access to valid, effective decision making to reduce the 30% of
    the administrative cost.
  • Centralized reporting of multiple locations for global planning
    and strategy.
  • Integrated solution in managing academic, administrative &
    educational aspects.

School ERP : Know your Child

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