Product Description

Sri-Vidya Student ID card provides basic Identity proof for the students authorised by concerned Authority of School / College / University during period of student associated with the Institution.

Sri-Vidya Student ID card also provides as proof,

  • To Participate in exhibitions, and representing Institution in Academic and Extra-curricular activities like Games / Sports Events outside the campus.
  • To Gain any student discounts on Rail, Bus, Air and any other mode of travel,

Multipurpose Sri-Vidya Student ID card can be powered with simple Barcode / Magnetic Stripe Card / Smartcard based on the Institution requirement to control and monitor all the facilities in the campus.

  • To handle Regular Academic Information, like marks, exams, progress etc.
  • To hold Administrative information real-time like fee, attendance, library books, canteen etc.
  • To provide Additional services with-in the Campus like Time & Attendance with Security Access Control
  • To provide basic Health information for emergency Medical Assistance and much more….

Related Plug-ins:

Each type of card in the above list of card technologies will have respective Plug-ins. Based on the Customer choice of Card Technology for their Students, appropriate Plug-ins will be proposed.

Technical Specification

Sri-Vidya Student ID card can be one of the following depend on the choice of information to be stored on the Card. Institution Management to choose the right card technology for their Student ID Card.

  • Plain PVC Card
  • Barcode / QR Card
  • Magnetic Stripe Card
  • Contactless RFID Smartcard
    • 1K Mifare Card
    • 4k Mifare Card
    • 4K Desfire Card
    • 8k DesfireCard
  • Contact Smart Card
    • 4K / 16k / 32k / 64k SCOSTA Card
    • Memory Chip Cards
    • Microprocessor Cards
  • Combo Card with contact and contactless
    • 1K Mifare Card (Contactless RFID for Access Control with Fingerprint)
    • 32K / 64K Microprocessor Card for rest of the info

Sri-Vidya Student ID Card

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